First Rent By Room Advice | Houston TX

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Hi everyone, I'm getting my first ever house hack ready for rent by room. It's a 5br/3ba and I'm prepping one of the bedrooms and one of the bathrooms as my first rental room. 

I'm in Katy, TX (Houston area) and am seeing that most of the Craigslist postings renting by room are furnished. What I'm wondering is what kind of furniture in the room and in common areas is expected for a rent by room? 

Also, is it worth getting a realtor's or property manager's help with it or do it myself?

Congratulations @Alex Bush  

I will suggest you do it yourself. You can use TransUnion SmartMove to screen your potential tenants.

You need the tenant screening experience as a first time Landlord. 

As for the furniture, any standard queen size bed, $200-300 dresser, study desk will do. You don't have to overspend on this.

Katy is a very desirable location for many young professional so it should not be hard to get qualified tenants.


For room by rent, you can/should DIY. Other than a queen bed, a TV and entertaining set with good WIFI is must have these days. Also, include all utility bills in your calculation.