Convenient way to start my journey to receiv RE License in Texas

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Hello I live in Texas and I would like to start my journey to receive my license. With my schedule changing every two weeks it’s hard to attend a physical class or do time sensitive zoom class. Does anyone have a recommendation on how I should go about doing my class at whatever time would be convenient for me? 

@Christian Morales

Hi Christian! 

This past year was a great year to start an online education of any kind, and while it didn't strictly pertain to real estate for a lot of folks, real estate was industry it possible for. 

While there are usually different hour requirements for different states (you can find out what it is for Texas exactly by visiting your State's page/managing State board's) there is one provider that may work for you Aceable Agent. 

You do need to verify that this course will be providing you with 'State approved hours'- again you'll be able to find a complete list of providers that are approved on your State's page. 

Due to COVID, many online education provider's had the option to test online as well (while offering the option to test at a center if you preferred).

If Aceable Agent isn't an approved education site for your State, you can possibly find some more choices from getting in contact with local brokerages, and asking if any of their newer agents were able to use (or did  use) online education and what those companies were.

Good luck Christian!  

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I will definitely look into Aceable and verify that it meets the states requirements for credit hours. I believe the requirement is 180 hours but I’ll double check on that to be on the safe side. I’ll meet some brokerages and ask around as well. Again thank you for the time you took for this post.

You can do classes online.  Champions offers in person and online in Texas and is considered by most to be one of the best.  I've done both there myself...and thought it was excellent.

You can also checkout CE shop, group  on, and various other online sites.  You might also checkout your local community college to see if they offer online classes or night or weekend classes.