Networking ?!?! So do you want me to just say HI?

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Help! new to all of this but determined to make it happn' capt'.  So what advice can you give me on networking?  I want to build some friendships and bring value to others.  Oh and so far love the BP community thank you all! 

No no no, @Mark Pettie don't just say hi.  Thats is a version of networking that some use, and it is worthless.  You will end up with 5,000 connections with no real connection.  (Sounds a bit like facebook doesn't it?).

Look first and foremost at what the other person might need and then consider if you can add value to that.  That's not always going to be accomplished with referring someone to a contact you have, but rather it can be encouraging them after a rough deal, giving them counsel on a different thing, etc.   Simply "what does this person want or need?" and "can I help them accomplish that?"  

Simple enough, but a lifetime of challenge