Best Path to start investing

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To some of the more experienced investors out there- what do you consider the best way to begin? Obviously each "path" has its strengths and weaknesses, but as someone who is starting out, I am not sure exactly how to begin. Do I find a mentor first and work under them? Do I begin my own company and get leads to wholesale, flip, BRRRR/rentals, etc? I am continuously building my funds as much as 19 year old can do, building my credit and absorbing every piece of information that can help, but what and where to go with all of this is a big fork-in-the-road that I would love some advice on from some of the experienced Investors here.

Thank you for your time!!

It seems you are off to a good start.  Keep saving and learning.  The best way to begin will be dictated by the opportunities that make themselves available to you.  The opportunity should drive the strategy and not the other way around.  If you see a good prospect for a flip, then flip.  If you see a rental opportunity, buy and hold.  Etc.  

Get out in the field and start prospecting for leads. You will learn a lot in that process and even more when you find a good deal.

Also, I think finding a mentor/investor that you can work with is a great start. Learn how to speak to leads and to analyze / close deals. If you find a good deal, you can likely wholesale and/or partner with an investor to learn more + get a portion of the profits.