How to calculate rent in a market?

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Hi Everyone, I love BP because I don't have a mentor or anyone like that to turn to when I have specific questions so I come here. Anyways, what are some ways I can determine how much rents will cost in a market so I can see if I want to look around there for any deals?

@Matthew Sipes Call property management companies in your area of interest. A good one would have the pulse of the market. How to find a good one? Reviews can be found on Yelp, if the area is large enough.

Hi @Matthew Sipes ,

Drew and Kathy hit it on the head regarding the market rent rates. I might add craigslist too, but not as reliable as the resources above. Once you find the market that works for you, typically a solid real estate team that's familiar with investment properties can breakdown the deals with you, further analyze and send you deals.

Best of luck!