Finding the best Agent and Lender Strategy?

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Hi everyone,

I am preparing to invest in real estate in the next year and am going to start finding a small team in my area. My first investment is going to be a multifamily rental, so I can utilize the whole strategy of getting an FHA loan, living in part of the rental, while I rent out the rest during the year I need to live in it.

I think the two biggest members I am going to need to get started are going to be a lender and an agent. Does anyone have any suggestions in finding an agent that will be motivated and a lender that will lend :) ? I currently live in Napa, CA, so if anyone has a contact around there that would be great!


If you can get him, use @mikebolen he has a lot going on. Youtube, podcast and a big portfolio of properties but I'm on his email list and he sends out off market deals in that area all the time. Plus he's a super nice guy he helped me with an issue I was having with a tenant and never asked for anything and connected me with several people in his network. If you can get a multi millionaire real estate owner/investor to be your buyers agent why wouldn't ya????  GOOD LUCK!!  

Does anyone have any suggestions in finding an agent that will be motivated? A motivated agent is one who aligns with you and sees your goals and wants to help you achieve them. A lot of chemistry involved. They want to earn too so if you can buy and you click with them, they'll hang onto you for sure.