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Hey everyone,

I'm located on Long Island and currently specialize in REO (bank owned) management and sales. Let me know if you're looking for Investment properties in my area or if you want to talk about the industry. I'm always willing to share my knowledge and gain some of yours!


Have been doing this in New Jersey for a while but we share a lot of the same asset companies. Let's talk

I am interested in finding out how to get started in REO Asset Management and Sales. I am located in Massachusetts, which currently has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. Any information you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :lol:

What is a REO (bank owned) management and sales? or a real estate holding co. what does it take to get staterd? I think I would be more intrested in RE holding co. I'm thinking about trying to get a couple of property's and hold for income, or sell them as a profit. Is this a RE holding co, or just an invester? thanks.

I am an REO Listing Broker in the Houston Area and I work with investors helping them purchase homes, hiring contractors, and either re-selling the homes, or managing the properties as rentals for out-of-state owners. I have been doing this successfully now for over 14 years in the Houston Area. New Investors are ALWAYS welcome, and my office is always sending out new listings of homes that would be great investments to our investor list.

We also look for money investors (ie. investors who don't want the risk...they just put up money at a higher than bank return).

Email us anytime to get set up on our investor list, letting us know what you are looking to do. If you are money investors, please note this in the Subject Line so we can send you out more information on this program.

We look forward to helping you be successfull in the Real Estate Investment world.

Exceptional Realty

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There are a few questions that I have. Would it be possible to email me ?



i might be interested in the Houston area for properties and possibly your investor list as well. i will email you, but since i am new and need to post 5 times before i can respond to some topics, i thought i would also do this.


jim williams

Originally posted by "pac82":
Hey everyone,

I'm located on Long Island and currently specialize in REO (bank owned) management and sales. Let me know if you're looking for Investment properties in my area or if you want to talk about the industry. I'm always willing to share my knowledge and gain some of yours!


Hello Sir, my name is Eli from New Jersey and will be interested in more information about REO properties for sale. If I buy bulk the LTV% will be lower?

You can e-mail me

Thank you for your consideration to this matter.


Found what I needed.


i am an investor in nyc-
please email me with your investment opportunities--my co. does rehab to sell and income properties-

Pac, I am also from LI and would like to discuss REO's and learn from some of your experience. Give me a shout.

Hello, I have bulk REO's. However they are located mostly in MI. If you are interested please feel free to contact me.


Originally posted by "jbellomo":
I am with a company in California that represents investors who are looking for bulk REO's that they can buy for cash, no financing needed. We have investors that range from being able to buy 5 to about 100 homes at a time.

I am looking for companies with bulk sales available so we can get a deal in place to do business. Does anyone do bulk sales or know any company that does? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


I am interested in getting info about REO properties on Long Island, please contact me, thanks !

I am an investor in NYC. Please email me any investment opportunities you may have.


I have several investors with unlimited funds to buy bulk REO portfolio packages. I have $35M proof of funds right now for Southern CA (pref. San Diego County). If you have access to bulk packages in these areas, please contact me immediately. Thank you.

Derek Taylor

I have many Buyers with unlimited funds for these. Please contact me immediately!

I also have investors that are looking for REO homes in bulk. They will look in all states, pref (AZ, NV, TX, FL, UT, CO, NM, CA). They have big pockets.

Let me know what connections you may have.


Thats what we do. Email me your orders and Ill fill them, no POF's required until you see the executive summary and indicate you want the assets.

The thread started some time ago. It seems like there is still a bit of interest. Not much was ever said about the asset management and sales side of the business. Odd given that was the start of the thread.

I am an end investor. Rather well established so dealing in individual transactions and portfolios. Mostly with the view of being a buy and hold investor but ever deal is different. I purchased my first REO in 1983 or 1984 (memory loss) in San Jose CA.

These days I focus a lot on deals that will cash flow if I am holding long term. I mean really cash flow after taking 40% off for running costs like property management and other things.

John Corey

Hello my name is Don (Henry) I am located in Southern California. Though I have not brought any ROE bulks I do have experience in buying mortgage pools in the $100 million range. I’ve been in mortgages lending since 1968. I am hoping to network with other who share the same interest.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks Troy!

I'll be in touch shortly 8)

The guy from MD

I am very interested in learning more about REO Asset Management and how to become established in this area. Any information that you would be willing to share would be very appreciated. I'm located in Connecticut.

Im could offer some help and advice. feel free to contact me with any questions and purchase inquiries.

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