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I'm trying to put together a list of these sites.  Who knows of any others besides what I have bellow:

Williams and Williams Auctions

Hudson and Marshal Auctions


rural development

Any others?

Hmmmm.  I don't mind the moderators deleting one of the websites out, but I would be curious to know why that particular website breaks the rules?  Actually, I've never used it before, but just found it today with a google search.

@Bryan L.   because they've caused troubles here in the past.

@Hattie Dizmond - Thanks Hattie. Most of those links in that article are to bank websites. These REOs will most always be on the MLS also. I guess I'm looking more for sites with REO listings that are not typically on the MLS. Williams and Williams and are more along the lines of what I'm looking for. Does anyone know of any others?

FYI - the site hidden with asterisks can be viewed by using the "Quote" button that is next to that post. 

Any others?

This is a great company. Family owned located in Florida but they list nationwide. Great people to work with.  is a really good one -i think he is licensed in ga and sc.

Check it out on online and he places a lot of his homes on  He walks the homes with a video camera and tells you about each home/room.  Hold open houses and etc for you to see yourself.  Never had a bad experience with this company.

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Ok. It's been more than 15 minutes, but I added some based on some posts above.        

Great post. Thanks for sharing the info.

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