# of listings on Hubzu vs. Auction.com vs. Homesearch

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Anyone else notice a big drop in the amount of inventory Hubzu seems to have?  I was finding stuff early in 2014 and picked up two places I was happy with, but they have near zero inventory in my market these days.

Homesearch and auction.com seems to actually have more inventory vs. the beginning of this year, but the reserve prices area creeping up towards 100% of retail....the only opportunities I am finding is when everyone thinks a problem that doesn't exist.

In one case everyone thought the wells on a property were dry, but we got a well inspection done right after getting the confirmed bid and found there was still water.  Another property there's supposedly a huge septic issue, but I think the owner that was getting foreclosed on was making that up to negotiate with the bank....we'll see in a few weeks when I get them evicted and can check everything out firsthand.

Fingers crossed we can keep identifying properties that looked troubled due to one reason or another, where the problem isn't actually there, on homesearch and auction.com, cause Hubzu has completely dried up for me.

Hi John,

First of all, thank you for being a customer of Hubzu. I'm pleased to hear you were able to find two homes  that have worked out well for you. You are correct that Hubzu has seen a decrease in our inventory in the Reno area. This will happen from time to time. Sometimes it is due to market conditions and other times just the cyclical nature of how we receive inventory from our investors. On a national scale, Hubzu has actually seem a substantive increase in our inventory.

Thank you again for your patronage to Hubzu and wishing you continued success in your real estate investing.

Best Regards,


The Hubzu Team

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