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Hey everyone,

This post is related to my other post about a house on Hubzu that is across from my parents' current home.

From everything my parents and I can gather, it seems that this house is unoccupied during the day and possibly sporadically occupied at night by the son of the former owner.

If I do close on the house, how do I go about officially taking possession of the property? Can I have a locksmith get me into the house, change the locks, and just start putting items outside since there's nobody in the house during the day?

I know each state has its own laws concerning this, but I'd appreciate any insight. This particular house is in NJ.



Only after you buy the property and start eviction on the tenant for non-payment. Anything else would be problematic.

You should go through the appropriate legal eviction process and serve any/all parties that may reside there. I wouldn't risk a self help eviction considering the potential legal ramifications, not to mention a potential 12 Gauge greeting you at the door.

Thanks for the insight, everyone. I spoke to the former homeowner a couple of nights ago when she got home. We know each other casually (hi and bye neighbors mostly). I asked her to see the house, but she declined because she said it's a mess. However, she said she wouldn't be there for much longer.

I may be able to get into the house tonight. We're in contact by phone now.

I'll let you all know how it works out!

Thanks again,


@ Helder How did you make out on this? Did they leave are you still fighting them? Any update on how this transactions went.

I am in NJ and purchasing an occupied property from BOA.


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