Wholesaling REO

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Hello looking to see if I need an agent by my side if I want to use transactional funding for foreclosures and REO properties? I need help I want to wholesale REO's

You need a lender or funding partner.

You can wholesale REOs - some tactics to get it done may be "frowned" upon by some but nonetheless - it is very possible. 

It is not as simple as contracting directly with a home owner, but it can be effective.

IMO, wholesaling REOs may be tough depending on your market because banks are just not giving their properties away with enough margin to add your end buyer into the equation. 


I think you need to do a little more reading about how this stuff fits together.

If you are wholesaling, you are basically acting as an agent without a license, so what would an agent do in that transaction?

Transactional funds are used to purchase a property, then turn around and sell it, usually in the same day.  You may need that to wholesale REOs, but from your post, I dont think you understand what it is.  Lots of info on here and plenty of people willing to help, but please get the basics down before you go out there muddying the waters making offers on properties you have no ability to do anything with.

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