Writ of Possession?

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Hi all! I have found a dilapidated property that I am very interested in! It currently looked like a crack house! I've done my due diligence and hit a wall! The property is owned by a mortgage company (Taylor Bean & Whitaker) that went bellly up some years back and wound up in jail! ;) Word has it that Bank of America has "acquired" those properties from TBW, but of course, this property isn't listed anywhere, and BOA no longer has any phone communication with their REO department. Well, I went back to property today, and it appears the county sheriffs office was there to clean it out last week under a "Writ of Possession" order of evacuation. Does anyone know what this means? Is the bank close to listing it? Has anyone death with this and been able to get a copy of a Wrti of possession? Nay other routes I can take to find out about this property and make an offer before it's snatched up? :D



Here, a writ of possession is the order/process a bank goes thru to get possession (get occupants out) for a property they got back at foreclosure, from the court.  The writ of possession is issued as a follow up to the foreclosure, and is in court files somewhere.   When it gets listed is anybody's guess.

ahhh, well thank you @Wayne Brooks !!  At least there is some movement!   Is this document public record in FL?  I'm wondering if I can get my hand on it and see who the owner is for sure?? 


Ps: @Wayne Brooks , my oldest step daughter is headed home from West Palm Beach today!  ;) 


Yes, public record.

Thank you Wayne!  


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