Clearing code enforcement lien?

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I'm Buying an REO in Pinellas county, FL. The property has a lien on it from county code enforcement from 2012 at $250/day. The bank has supposedly hired an attorney to negotiate and clear the lien but apparently he is too busy to work on it. Is it worth me reaching out to pinellas county code enforcement my self and see what the deal is? Has any one had any luck with pinellas and getting these things negotiated down? The issue has been fixed for over a year I'm just told the bank never cleared it off the lien.

Hi @Wesley Weber while I'm not from your area it may be beneficial to reach out to code enforcement so you're getting all the correct information and can determine where to go from there. Perhaps some other Florida folks will chime in that may be familiar with that area.

I have never dealt with code enforcement in that county but in Polk County once the county have recovered there hard cost associated with that line , example sending someone out for the inspections then they won't hassle you for any thing over that.


Cut out the middle man and contact Code Enforcement directly yourself. Ask to speak with their Board Clerk or the Enforcement Officer who was involved with the case. Find out what brought about the fine in the first place and what needs to be accomplished to resolve the issue(s). Then discuss what your chances are of seeing the total fine waived or at least reduced to their costs (for staff time) once the cited issue(s) have been corrected. Review Florida State Statute 162.

Wesley, did you ever resolve this issue?  If so, how?  I may be dealing with something similar.

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