Lien Conveyance

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Does anyone know if in Florida when a bank takes a home back via traditional county foreclosure auction, is the bank "Immune" (for lack of a better description) from liens (All? some?) that are currently on the property? Also assuming the bank does not plan to keep the property, but to sell it as quickly aspossible whether MLS or auction sale, or both.


If the bank is in the first position lien, then yes all gets wiped out ..except irs, child support and hoa. I believe this is a fact in FL. Those all have to be negotiated... Hope this helps

IRS has 120 days to redeem the property (pay for it) otherwise the lien goes away. As for HOA's, the bank is responsible to the HOA for one year of dues, or 1% of the original Mtg amount, whichever is less...assuming they did the foreclosure correctly. Very rarely the association would have appointed a receiver for the property, and that bill remains in full.