Doing trash outs or clean outs for reo

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Hello, I would like to ask (anybody) do you do reo (trash outs)? What all do you have to do? I know about having $1 million is general liability insurance. What else do you need to do?

Thanks to all that read and help.

Donna 4Runner

Hi Donna,

Can you be a little more clear with your question. Are you looking at being a contractor to trash out bank owned properties or are you looking to buy bank owned properties that need to be trashed out?

Also, what does the reo market look like in London?

ProHabber, Thanks for getting back to me. I was asking about become a contractor to do reo/bank properties. To do the trash out part. I don't know what all you need to do/know.
I am a realtor but thought I would look into the other side of things for extra income. I'm sure it is dirty and hard work.

Thanks for any help.

PS. The reo/bank market in my county and others close by is 10% I would guess.

Donna 4Runner

Besides insurance you need a truck of some kind to haul the trash, rakes, scoops, shovels, dust pans, heavy trash bags, gloves, masks, a dump or landfill to haul the trash to. A tarp and tie downs so the trash doesn't blow out on the way to the dump. Labor to get the stuff in the truck and back out at the dump. You have to figure out how much all of this is costing you to do, how much it is going to cost you to dump a "cubic yard" of debris, etc. Then you have to figure out what to charge...and if anyone is willing to pay your price.