REO property asking price is jumping all over the place.

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I'm looking at a property that was listed in October for $8K. I wasn't looking at it at that time, so it's possible that the $8K was an auction starting price.  Since then, the price has jumped consistently between $29K and $52K. The price changes about once a week. Is this realtor just trying to keep it on "new" lists with constant price changes? Why the huge jump and drop in price? I'd like to go in and offer the $8K and see what happens. 

Also, is a realtor going to feel it's worth their time to work with me when I'm looking at properties in this price range? ($8K)

@Tessa Rysztak , you're likely right about the earlier $8k start price. With REO's, depending on that particular market, maybe you should be prepared to put in your "first and best" Offer up front - then move on to the next one - then the next. Be patient; be very patient.

Fretting about one particular outcome won't serve you well. All the best...