Deutsche Bank REO Help!

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I am looking to purchase an REO that was purchased back by Deutsche Bank in late-July 2016. The house is located in New Jersey. Does anyone have any experience or insights on how to reach the right department/person in order to put an offer on the house. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I had a foreclosure right next to me. Just wait until the realtor sign gets put in the yard, unless you know someone inside or outside the company that can help. I may be like banging you head on a brick wall if you want to try to call around. Good news is you will know who to call next time they get another property that you are interested in.

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You may try checking other DB foreclosures in the area to see if they use the same real estate broker. It won't get you in touch with the bank but you may be able to get a first look at it from the agent. So t be shocked if it's not in the market quickly, some in my area have sat for over a year before the bank got off their rear ends and listed then.

deutche bank bought our home back in October 2015.   They let the home go in March 2016 on

I don't think you can get anywhere with them.   It's a matter of when they want to get rid of the property.