Submit offer through REO listing agent?

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I just saw a bank owned property come up that I'd like to put in an offer on. Is there any advantage to making my offer through the bank's listing agent? for example, will they get paid a larger commission and possibly be more inclined to push the deal? Or am I just better submitting my offer through an agent of my choice?

Also, with bank owned properties if it's a good deal is it expected that I offer list to have a chance at getting the property?

Thanks in advance.

Even in states where dual agency is allowed, most banks will not allow their agents to act in a dual agent capacity. So you should just get your own agent.

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I'm a big advocate of using this opportunity to find your own agent who will be an asset to your team going forward.

Search here on BP on how to interview agents and commit to one who can/will help you grow your business.  In rare cases, that may be the listing agent.

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