Finding the asset manager.

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How do I contact the asset manager in the REO department to inquire about an REO home with no realtor signs in the yard and possibly making an offer on a home before it hits the market? Nearly all the banks I call are answering machines telling me to push different numbers to reach the person I need to talk to. The problem I found is all their customer service numbers are machines not set up to answer general questions from non customers. All I wanted was to talk to a real person rather than a machine.

Most likely if the property has been foreclosed it would be on HUD web site:

A house will end up on hid home store Only if it is a HUD owned property. But no, the bank isn't going to deal with you individually, they'll either list it with an agent in the MLS, or put it on one of the REO auction sites, or both.

@Tony Marcelle Before it hits the market? Like others said, probably impossible.

Banks don't have time to deal with individual buyers. They'll either auction it, list it with someone, or sell it in a bulk pool.

Asset managers and banks won't talk to you directly. It's all about the numbers to them. You have to wait until a property is going to be listed. If you build a relationship with an agent that primarily lists REO properties, they can alert you to things before hand. Otherwise, you would only be able to work directly with the bank or asset manager if you used to work there or have built a relationship through networking.

@John B. @Christopher Phillips. I found that was case when I contacted the agents.

Just set-up an MLS notification and wait for the listing.

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