Looking for help to analyze deal

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Hello ! Looking to make a move for my second deal. I have found a Multifamily unit. They are separate one is a 3/1 and a smaller one 1/1 an efficiency 1450 sqft together. It’s foreclosured, the bank Is asking 159,700$. My research Is I think it’s worth 145-140k. Conservative numbers rent 3/1 - 1100 month 1/1 - 800 month. I’m going to try to get it lower but no higher then 145k. I’m also trying to put down 10% if I can. Around 20k down bringing in 8,800 yr. 44% ROI on the year. Will I be able to only put 10% down, says it needs cosmetic repairs, it’s in Florida and doesn’t have central AC , and Idk if the utilities are separated which is big for me. I am currently in the middle of a house hack for my first rental. My first house hack is in my wifes name as she is a traveling nurse. My thinking was to use myself for a 2nd HH but I have Unsteady working from moving place to place. I fly into Florida end of this month for an eye test. I did not talk to my Broker yet. I wanted to put out feelers first. Thank you. This might be me overthinking and not knowing but I do not have a mentor just the books I read and the information on the internet. Cheers ..