Taking possession of the property.

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I bought a home at auction, everything is online. I had to postpone settlement my cash wasnt as fluid as I thought. Ill have to postpone once more, well settle by Oct 4th. THE CASH IS ON ITS WAY. Where Im buying the winter is harsh, I need to get in.

The company already sent a title commitment and deed and Hud sheet.

What can they do if we move in before settlement? I even already have the electric in my name.


Did you really mean Oct 4th? I assume this is a REO? Unlikely they will extend that long. If you move in, or alter anything even, prior to closing they will cancel your contract.

Actually they are only threatening to charge interest until closing, thats fine with me. I wasnt going to move in just make sure its winterized or hire people to be ready because they will be booked. I cant even get estimates at the moment,

You didn’t state whom the seller is but if it is a Federally owned foreclosure such as Hud or FNMA, it is a federal crime to modify the property in any way or take possession prior to closing 

I cannot imagine any bank is going to extend the closing 2 months