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I'm looking for recommendations for general contractors with experience in property preservation of REO's. Specifically in the Philadelphia PA area, Allentown PA area, East Stroudsburg PA area and the Sussex County NJ area.

Any recommendations throughout eastern PA and New Jersey are welcomed.  Thanks 


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@Stephan Dubissette I haven't been to the Keller Williams meet-up yet.  I was attending the one that Stephanie Salanik was hosting.  She is with Long & Foster and they used to be held just a couple minutes from where I live.  They moved the location out to Hellertown and unfortunately I just haven't had the time to attend.

I've been meaning to make time to get out, is that one you attend?  Is there an upcoming one on the schedule?

Ronald Bowser, Yes there is one coming up tomorrow at the Keller Williams in Allentown at 6pm. also attended the last meet up hosted by Salanick Team. They are also hosting one tomorrow at 6pm. I hope to attend one of them.

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