No water meter for 9 years?

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Looking at purchasing an REO that doesn't currently have water- Evidently it was removed approximately 9 years ago when payments were missed and the foreclosure process began. The county hasn't been able to provide the listing agent with a time frame of when the water could be reconnected, or even if it can- The property is in Hawaii and it sounds as though there may be some complexities surrounding getting water in this particular area- Is there a way to navigate this, or should it be avoided altogether? What potential issues may exist without water in the home for 9 years?

It sounds like an interesting property with some potential! The plumbing repair could be really expensive if it's original galvanized pipes. I would budget to replace everything. If the pipes are good consider it a win! You could have issues with pest and animal infestation. I would check the attic and crawl space for critters. 

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