Bank Owned Land for sale.

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Good afternoon... I was wondering if the plan of action is the same when buying a foreclosed home as appose to buying a foreclosed piece of land.

The piece of land is quite large therefore I would like to eventually assess things with the city so to develop it, i’m just a little uncertain about which steps to first take... I don’t wanna buy it to eventually find out that they won’t allow me to do anything with it.

Thanks in advance. 🙏🏼

Consult the local municipality's Comprehensive Plan, which will give you a 5 year overlook of where they are headed and should be available online.  Additionally, you can look up the current zoning to determine what is allowed and what is not, and then call the development office, tell them who you are and what you want, and see if it is in line.  You will be dealing with them many times over the course of a project, so it's good to go make friends now, whether you buy this subject piece or something else down the road.  Have fun, go kill it! I hope that helps.

- JM