HUD, VA, and Tax Sales
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How to file an ejectment on a vacant property in Alabama
I understand that it is difficult to prove that a vacant house or lot is "abandoned".  In theory, an ejectment would prove that the property was abandoned.  However, my attorney doesn't see how to file an ejectment on... View more
How long does it take Hud to list a foreclosure?
Greetings All,I am currently looking a home where the deed was recently transferred to HUD (3/12/2020...that's right, the day before the world shut down), but the home hasn't been listed on the HUD homestore site yet? ... View more
Philadelphia Sheriff Tax Sale
Hi BP Community! Can someone help me out and explain the difference between the Philadelphia tax collections sale and a Philadelphia tax delinquency sale? Is the tax collections sale the same as a tax lien sale?... View more
Tax Deficient Properties & Trusts
Hello BP! I'm a newbie here, and for my first project, I got my hands on a tax deficient properties list from a nearby County and I noticed that "Tr" follows many names of properties. My assumption is that "Tr" means... View more
Tax Deed Sales Properties (Tennessee)
Newbie here.  If I buy a property in Shelby County Tennessee (Memphis) via tax deed sale, what happens to the other liens that exist on the property?  For example, I found one that has 16 liens against it from various... View more
Alabama 2020 Tax Sale Apocalypse
Disastrous New Alabama Supreme Court Decision by @Denise Evans*******************************************************The Jefferson County auction was a hot mess today. I'll fill y'all... View more
Do we have any VA loan Pros out there? Specific questions...
I know a quad is allowed with a Va loan if you live in one. I'm told mixed stories tho for more than 4. I need to know for example if 7 units make up one building can you do a VA for 4 and then a conventional for the... View more
Historical tax lien auction results - GA
Hi all, I'm new to the forum-- it's great to be here.I was wondering if anyone had catalogued results of previous tax lien sales in the state of Georgia. I'm not picky on which county, but am looking at the biggest... View more
New Jersey Tax Lien Certificates - Info Needed
Has anyone here gone through the process of purchasing tax lien certificates in NJ? I’m interested in broadening my scope of real estate investing, but would love to pick someone’s brain about the process.1. What... View more
Va loan to conventional
I currently own a va backed home. The house, I had for a year, but since I recently got married; the house is to small for the family. I won't to turn the house into rental property and use my va again for a bigger... View more
Bulk Tax Sale purchasing
Hello there,I have noticed some companies buy hundreds of Tax Sales in DC. Can someone explain how they make money, and secondly, is it worth buying a property to flip from them? Thx!
Extreme Newbie Needs Clarification on Tax Lien Sales
Hi! As my title says, I am a complete newbie to the world of investment real estate and have grown really interested in tax lien sales in my state (NJ) but need help clarifying some things. I am scheduling a webinar to... View more
Confused on bidding on VA owned property
I am interested in this property that is foreclosed on by the VA. Original list price was $549,900 the price dropped to $522,500 and again to $495,000. Both price drops are approximately 5% of the original list... View more
Tax sale properties in CA. -what lien survie after tax sale
Hi all,I am new in Tax sale properties ‘tax defaulted’ . Most of the properties I see has lot of utility tax lien. And these liens are placed on many properties via single documents.1. I would like to know does... View more
2nd VA Loan Down Payment
I may be purchasing a new primary residence with my remaining VA loan entitlement. I just received my COE and it shows the first property (now a rental) purchased with a VA loan is using $90,083 of my entitlement. I... View more
Purchasing foreclosures from dept of Veterns Affairs
Currently having issues getting Warranty Deed from Dept of Veterans Affairs - been waiting a month for response/signaturesAnyone have similar experience and/or advice in how to progress? (In NJ)
HUD home buying input
I've learned a lot on here, so thought I'd give back with what I can regarding my recent HUD home purchase. Here's the details about me and the purchase. MidwestFirst HUD purchaseFirst investment propertyInvestor... View more
Housing Authority Auctions
Does anyone have any experience with Housing Authority Auctions ? I have bought foreclosures and just got a link for a housing authority auction since i have a few rentals through the housing Authority. There are 100... View more
Wht does HUD consider aged inventory
Hi all can someone please tell me days on the market and what HUD considers aged inventory. Also curious as to what percentage to bid on older inventory. I'm semi new to all of this and looking at a property in... View more
States with Monthly Auctions
Other than Georgia and Texas.  Are there any other States that hold Auctions only once a month Statewide? Any other States where you can predict when their main auctions will be?
How to sell a Tax Deed in Lake Wales, Florida.
In 2017 I bought a tax deed in Polk county that I want to sell. No liens. I just can give a Quit Claim Deed, as-is, is it right? Or I need to get a Clean Title, or? Thanks.
HUD home inspection
Hello, So I'm a newbie to purchasing HUD homes and I am trying to figure out what price I want to bid on the property based on the PCR. On the PCR, it says the HVAC condition is ok but not functional, could not test... View more