HUD, VA, and Tax Sales
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HUD-registered Selling Broker
Could anyone pass me a recommendation for a real estate friendly HUD registered broker for the Cincinnati area. I would like to get a better understanding on the overall process of purchasing a HUD home.Thanks!
Tax sale attorney Baltimore city, Maryland
Just as the title says, we purchased some tax certificates back in may and should be able to start the foreclosing process but we would like a professional to guide us through the process. If anybody has... View more
The Best Kept Secret For Bidding On HUD Homes
I have bid & won more HUD homes for my investors than I can count, and I use a strategy that I have been hoarding all to myself for several years. A few of you may already have an inside track and are familiar with... View more
Tax delinquent properties, do they exist? 200k home for $50k?
My first time hearing about acquiring a tax delinquent property was actually from my tenant. His story is that he works for a construction company that renovates these types of property. He was saying that these... View more
Is a quiet title necessary?
So my fiancé and I have found a repository property in PA that we are considering purchasing. Knowing that most times it's required to have a "quie title" established in order to get insurance on it, I had a question.... View more
Philadelphia Sheriff Tax Sale
Hi BP Community! Can someone help me out and explain the difference between the Philadelphia tax collections sale and a Philadelphia tax delinquency sale? Is the tax collections sale the same as a tax lien sale?... View more
Why is United States of American a defendant in sheriff sale?
I am learning about sheriff sale in Pittsburgh PA. In the sheriff sale list, there are a number of properties that are tax sales (Sci Fa sur Tax Lien, is the Sale Type) and  United States of America is the defendant... View more
Repository Sale - PA
I am looking at a property for a repository sale in Wayne County, PA. Both owners listed are deceased (first passed on 2013 and second in 2017) and from NJ. Doing some digging I found that their home in NJ was... View more
How to Find VA/Tax Sales
Hi BP,I'm a new investor and I'm interested in how to find these deals. Can you find these deals on the MLS or can you go to the county steps and get a list of them? Any help on this topic would be much appreciated.... View more
VA Vendee Program in Indianapolis
Hello all,I am an out-of-state investor from Northern California that invests primarily in Indianapolis. Does anyone have any experience with purchasing VA Vendee properties in Indiana? I heard great things about the... View more
Vendee homes for sale
So I plan on buying vendee for my first real estate property. My cousins is a realtor and she recommends I stay there for a yearly while I do the rehab. She said it will be better than paying rent and a Mortage, which... View more
PA Tax Upset Sale: Can I sell/assign my winning bid?
I made my first upset tax sale purchase 2 weeks ago in Columbia County PA. A nice 1.1 acre wooded lot with a creek right off the highway (with a fire-damaged house) for $3500.  It came with a $4500 PA public... View more
Pennsylvania Upset Tax Sale
I'll be attending the upset tax sales in Dauphin and Cumberland counties next month, and I'm starting to sift through the lists.  I've eliminated properties in sub-par areas/school districts but I still have a list of... View more
HUD won't give me keys to property?
Hi all,I'm finally closing on my first home, a HUD owner occupant SFH next week, but my agent is telling me that they won't give me the keys to the property after closing. I will have to rekey the property.Is this... View more
Title on quitclaim deed during a tax sale
I entered a winning bid on an illinois tax sale and it will be a quitclaim deed for the property. I've researched quitclaim deeds and it mentions that open loans don't follow the new borrower. I believe this property... View more
60.6 tons of trash/debris taken off of a tax sale property!
I bought a house at a tax sale in March for $49K. Couldn't get rid of the people living in it because of Covid until July 31. They left peacefully with no eviction but boy did they leave a mess behind. It took 3 forty... View more
Tax Deficient Properties & Trusts
Hello BP! I'm a newbie here, and for my first project, I got my hands on a tax deficient properties list from a nearby County and I noticed that "Tr" follows many names of properties. My assumption is that "Tr" means... View more
I sold a home in another state--do I have to pay tax?
I appreciate responses about this. I don't want to get dinged next year or whenever if I need to pay sales tax. I mean, I have paid my income tax but pretty sure Massachusetts wants a piece of the action!
What should I do/not do when buying a tax auction property?
I'm interested in tax auction houses because they're cheap. However, I read a book about big mistakes to not make in real estate and it talked about not buying tax kittens without knowing a ton about them. But how much... View more
Section 8 Porting question
Hello BP, I have a section 8 question. One tenant is planning to move (port) his section 8 voucher to Dallas and use it to rent my 1/2 duplex. - Can I charge him a deposit to hold until all the paperwork is... View more
Owner Filed for Bankruptcy foreclosure sale was conducted
I am studying following a foreclosure auction case. A foreclosure sale was conducted and the bidding winner got a Certificate of Sale Issued on 07/06/20 Defendant/Owner filed for Bankruptcy on 07/03/20, the suggestion... View more
Section 8 Rent from a Relative
Hey BP 👋🏼I was curious if anyone has ever gone through the process and qualified to rent a property to a family member who is on section 8 housing?My mother is disabled and is currently on the program. We live in an... View more