HUD, VA, and Tax Sales
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FYI Alabama Tax Sale Investors: Almost lost ejectment lawsuit!
In short.....Bought a tax certificate on an apartment complex in March. Unit B has squatter. Served squatter with notice to vacate in March.Sold it to my homeboy in May.Went with him to the courthouse in October to... View more
Federal IRS Tax Liens versus County Property Tax Lien
I could use some advice/info on a Federal Tax Lien versus a County Tax Lien.Frame of reference - I'm in Dane County, Wisconsin.I got the house under contract. I was aware of a County Tax Lien on the property of about... View more
Do we have any VA loan Pros out there? Specific questions...
I know a quad is allowed with a Va loan if you live in one. I'm told mixed stories tho for more than 4. I need to know for example if 7 units make up one building can you do a VA for 4 and then a conventional for the... View more
Violation of HUD OWNER OCCUPANT rule.
Greetings, This past summer I was monitoring a townhouse that was listed under HUD website that I wanted to purchase. Of course, as an honest person with integrity, I was following the HUD rules and did not bid during... View more
VA loan or not? Pros and cons?
I am currently looking into buying my next property with my VA loan. I plan on house hacking a multi with that loan? Then moving out and renting it a year after I fix it up. Am I able to move out and rent my property... View more
How To Use The VA Condo Approval Site
Aloha from Hawaii,To purchase a condo with the VA loan, the condo must be on the approved list. I have used the list a few times to find approved condos, so I thought it would be useful to show some things I have... View more
HUD Home in Texas
Hi all! We have a question about HUD homes. I understand that you can't assign bank owned. I am seeing information that you have to hold it after close for 3 months? So I assume this means it wouldn't be a good... View more
Purchase of a HUD Property
Good Day All, I am a beginner in REI and need some advice. I came across a HUD property (RE client portal) that is 3BD 2BA for around $90K. This home is in need of a renovation, so when I run my numbers, I can CF with... View more
Utah Property Tax Lien Sale
The sales are happening this month or next in Utah.  I know the process is not as simple as it appears at first and it varies from state to state. I'm most concerned about getting a clear title. Does anyone have any... View more
HUD foreclosures advice
I am trying to purchase a HUD foreclosure. I am new to all of this. I really want to let my college age son live in it and fix it up while he finishes college and then in a few years have a rental. I'm being told it... View more
My First Tax Auction Property in Hurricane, UT
Hello Fellow Investors,I'm a brand new investor looking for my first deal. I live near St. George, UT. Tomorrow I'm going to attend the annual tax auction in the county that I live in and I have my eyes on a vacant lot... View more
Historical tax lien auction results - GA
Hi all, I'm new to the forum-- it's great to be here.I was wondering if anyone had catalogued results of previous tax lien sales in the state of Georgia. I'm not picky on which county, but am looking at the biggest... View more
Preservation improvements Alabama
Hi all!! I am in Alabama and was wondering if someone come give me examples of said “preservation improvements”. We recently acquired a tax certificate on an unoccupied condo. Upon entering the property, we have found... View more
New Jersey Tax Lien Certificates - Info Needed
Has anyone here gone through the process of purchasing tax lien certificates in NJ? I’m interested in broadening my scope of real estate investing, but would love to pick someone’s brain about the process.1. What... View more
Waiting Period Quiet Title Action
I purchased a property in Dec 2019 and legally took possession in January of 2020. I contacted an attorney today to start the quiet title action. I was told that I need to wait two years after the intial property tax... View more
Tax sales in Alabama
So I am looking for recommendations on the best way to tackle the property list. I live in Mobile and at any given time the list can be well over 300 pages long. I have seen some investors with the list in an excel... View more
Won a HUD property. FHA Loan question
This is actually my second HUD home, but I didn't do much research 7yrs ago when I bought my first one. This time I monitored the bid results and did my own analysis for how my local market was doing. The recent... View more
Can I bid on this HUD listing?
Long time lurker, first time poster.My grandmother is a Realtor for a C21 broker that does sell HUD properties, and they have a NAID? number. The listing agent for the home I'd like to bid on thinks I may be... View more
I won a HUD bid for a "203k eligible" condo - no FHA loan??!
The condo was advertised by HUD as IN (insured) and as "203k eligible".I won the bid, and now I have trouble finding a reliable lender who would originate an FHA loan.Every mortgage broker I spoke with so far told me... View more
HUD renovated condo First investment property
Looking at purchasing a Condo, the only motivation the seller has for selling it is that it’sa renovation of a HUD home. Does it make that much of a difference if I purchase a HUD renovated condo as opposed to a... View more
Interested in buying a HUD home in Connecticut
Hello All, I just became a new real estate agent in CT. I have prior experience working in NYC for a couple of years, so I am not new to the business. I am also a inspiring real estate investor and looking to buy my... View more
VA Owned Property/Foreclosure
Has anyone ever purchased a VA owned property/foreclosure? Pro and cons? Are there restrictions when selling or is it treated like any other foreclosed property? Thanks.