HUD Bid Confirmation numbers

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Anyone else notice that sometime within the last few days that HUD has stopped putting the dashed part at the end of the bid confirmations?

I wonder if this is a policy change. I mean I get it since I don't see how it was at all to HUD's benefit to let the bidders know how many bids had already been made on a place.

Of course as a bidder I'm kind of bummed to not have that information. :)

@Mark Ferguson do you know anything about this?

@Shaun Reilly I don't know anything about a policy change, but it doesn't surprise me. HUD always told us that it was not disclosed how many bids there are. I think it may have been an error on their part to show bidders how many bids there were with the confirmation numbers. They probably figured it out and changed.

@Shaun Reilly and @Mark Ferguson - I may be missing something here, or it may vary by region, but my confirmation numbers have always been something like this:

Case Number: 483-412673

Bid Confirmation Number:
Bid Submission Date: 2/20/2014 12:38:11 PM
Bid Status: Cancelled

That's odd, the confirmation number didn't copy/paste, but it was 7282174-8652883. What info can I glean from this number?

Bryan, my @ thing isn't working so hopefully you get this. I have seen bid confirmation numbers just like yours, but they had a -3 at the end that indicated this was the third bid submitted. It may vary by region and asset manager.

@Bryan L. yeah what it is was the number like what you posted with a "- #" at the end that indicated how many other offers there had been.

It wasn't something that HUD told you, but people that put in a lot figured it out pretty easy. Maybe they didn't do it everywhere, as Mark said. But it was pretty nice to know if a place was hot or if nobody else cared. I liked being -1 then after a price drop going in and being -2. :)

Bummer if they stopped. I have been putting in HUD bids regularly for about 3 years so it was very noticeable that I put offers in last Sunday and they were normal and on a couple Thursday they didn't have it and didn't again on Sat. In the end doesn't really change anything that I will do but it was always nice to know if I was only bidding against myself.

It should not matter if HUD has 5 or 100 bids just make your best offer and stick to it.

Joe Gore

@Joe Gore - Yes, it does matter to me. I'm not a newbie trying to pull down my first deal. There are times when I have 2 or 3 rehabs going at the same time, and I may want another but only if I can get a really great deal on it. On the other hand, there are times (like right now) when I have nothing going and would pay a little more to get something in the pipeline. Knowing how many people are making offers can give me an indication if I can maybe wait for a price drop, or do I need to go ahead and try to get it now if their counter offer fits my goals.

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