Philadelphia Sherriff Tax Sales

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Does anybody know of a title company that would insure a property purchased at the Philadelphia Sherriff tax sale?

no but if you find one I would like the info. How is the sheriff sale process? 

@ken prause

The problem with Philly tax sale is the right of redemption period. I have been calling around to title companies and nobody will touch them. I researched prior sales over the last year of tax sale properties and couldn’t find one person that has sold their property or even refinanced. It looks like all the investors are keeping the properties for their rental income. I will let you know if I locate anybody that will insure them.

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I have a couple companies that will give you title insurance. 

I've been doing PA tax sales for years and have never found any title company that would issue title insurance.  I have even contacted some national companies and they say, we'll issue title insurance in all states, end up not willing to do in PA.

@John Cohen   

I'd be interested in knowing what PA companies you're referring to, because I know of none, and I've bought hundreds of tax sale properties.

If you don't get title insurance after the sale what do you do with your properties? Rent, rehab, wholesale, etc...

@David Krulac id

To get title insurance you need to clear title, generally takes about 45-60 days after you receive the deed from the county. I know of at least 3 companies that will give title insurance.

@David Krulac  have you tried this the website says they do PA, I have used them before. 

I tried them but it was a no go.

I also looked at some of their fees $5,000 +

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