how to buy property before it goes to auction

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I live in NC and have been to a couple of tax foreclosure auctions.  I would like to explore buying a tax foreclosure property directly from the owner before it goes to auction.  I am new at this so any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Would it be best to find a real estate agent experienced in foreclosures to work with?  Also, what exactly would my due diligence be before I approach the owner.  My thought is to buy the property then sell it for profit to another investor or flipper.  Can you wholesale these types of properties or is it best to sell conventionally after I take possession?  As you can many questions!  Thank you for any response in advance!

Good question/idea so I'll be following this topic...

I would think finding tax delinquencies and mailing to them would be an option but I don't know much (or anything) about this niche.  Definitely want to hear from the experienced.

you can get a list of tax delinquent thru type country recorders or title companies might have the info and mail homeowner letter. 

typo. Thru your county recorders. 

contact the owner by on their door and see if they would be open o allowing you to assume the mortgage and allow them to  walk away. Find out home much the mortgage  and it of will pencil.  If it makes sense you will need to have thee owner transfer title in to your name. This may be illegal if you do not contact lender and notify them that you assumed the mortgage fyi.

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