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I am a Native American (Navajo) in the northern Arizona. This information is for real estate professionals in the pursuit of getting funding for real estate for Native Americans. This is a government backed loan to purchase and refinance real estate. Both on and off their reservations. 

Ya'at'eeh Neal,

My name is Justin and I am from Tuba City, Arizona. I currently work as a research scientist in Tempe, Arizona. I have not started any investment deals yet as I am in the knowledge acquisition phase. I would like to begin my real estate investment journey by using the "house hacking" method that Brandon Turner has written about in a few forums. Through some research online, I came across the Section 184 Loan program and it seems like a nice way to get started. Have you used the Section 184 Loan to acquire a property? I am also interested in any other resources I may find that may be available to Native Americans or that the Navajo Nation may provide for helping me start my real estate business. Thank you for your help.


Hey Justin,

I'm in Tempe and started out similarly. I bought a triplex three years ago, live in one unit, and rent out the other two units. I also rent out two of my three bedrooms. I'll be buying a fourplex later this year.

I don't know about Native American loan programs, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are some advantages. I do know with an FHA mortgage you can put 3.5% down, which helps to get into a multiplex.



Hello Justin, 

My family owns a Trailer Court in Leupp, AZ I managed. I have had experiences with HUD section 184 with the purchases of Mobile homes. First you should get a list of approved lenders. I have added a link to a list of approved lenders that might help. Hope it helps.

Thanks for the info Neal. I am going to begin the process to obtain a pre-approval before finding a deal. I have a few questions for you that you may help clarify. 1.What is unique about HUD properties that give them distinction from other properties? 2. In your experience with section 184 loans, can you wrap the rehab/repairmen cost in with the purchase price to buy a property and fix it up? Thank you for your time and help!


I am also native american and considering going this route for funding. 

Did you ever get your questions answered @Justin Kaye ? I'm curious to know as well.

Hello Rashaun,

I have talked with a sec. 184 lender and he said, yes you are able to wrap rehab costs with the purchase of a property under a "construction loan". The appraisal amount would need to come in at the upgraded price after rehab.

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