Tax Sales vs Tax Lien

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I want to confirm my knowledge about tax liens and tax sales.
Are they the same? How do i know if my state, Texas, have any tax liens?

A "tax Sale" could be a sale of Tax Deeds, or a sale of a tax lien. A tax lien is only a lien against the property, but if not paid you have the right to foreclose and take the property. A tax deed is actually a deed to the property. Depending n state law, this may be subject to redemption but basically you own the property. 

The devil is ion the details and laws regarding tax liens and deed vary tremendously from state to state. I believe TX sells tax deeds. Check your county website to see it they have information. It is usually there but can be hard to find.

That is correct. Texas is a Tax Deed state. More specifically a "Redemption Deed" state.

Thanks Ned and Cal.

Reading up on more on Redemption Deed. Is there Tax Deed without redemption period in any state in USA?

Also could a state be Tax Liens and Tax Deeds state at the same time?

@Suhendri U.   my understanding is that FL is a hybrid state with both liens and deeds.

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