MD tax liens

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Are we approaching the tax lien sale season in Baltimore? 

Yes. The list for Baltimore City comes out mid March. The auction is usually late may. Most tax sales in MD are in May or June. 

Where and how do I get a tax lien list for baltimore?

Heather:   I have considered this in the past, but heard that this was VERY competitive now with hedge funds jumping in....what is your experience?

Yes it can be very competitive. It has always been competitive for the nice properties but now it is becoming competitive in the very low end arena.  I know there are bidders that haven't a clue of the risks they are taking.  I see big bidders bidding $40,000 in areas where we are selling for $15K

Ned, I'm just gonna write you a check and you can pick me up a couple and take a good chunk off the top, mmmmmmk?  :P

Originally posted by Sam & Heather Jones:

Ned, I'm just gonna write you a check and you can pick me up a couple and take a good chunk off the top, mmmmmmk?  :P

Did this last year but everything we eyeballed for me we were outbid.  This is big dawg action but you can do well with over the counter in June if you are savvy and have some luck.  This is how you do it

Is it necessary to do a title search on property tax liens?  Also, when serching for a lawyer, is it better to get one on retainer or pay as you go? 

@Ned Carey

Hey Ned! You said it is competitive but when I look at the results for the following year (2016) it shows that the properties went for the lein value and most of the properties were claimed by the city. Can you help me understand? 


First off last year was a fluke. There were a couple less really big bidders and some stuff got skipped over.  However the biggest reason properties go back to the city is, they are not worth the amount of the taxes. An extreme example might be a $50K tax bill on an empty lot assessed and $1,000. 

There liens for $10K  that are only assessed  $50K but if you look at the property It is a boarded up piece of poop. It may be a $50K  neighborhood but that property is not worth $50K. By the time you figure in you costs to acquire the property; legal fees and subsequent taxes, you are going to lose money.

@Ned Carey  

Ned you are the man! I have another question also. So if i bid 150,000 on a property and the high premium and lien cost equal 10,000, when do I pay the remaining 140,000?  I tried to ask baltimore city by calling the 396 # on the website, but those people are so ignorant and are quick to hang up the phone on you. I don't understand if your number is on the web site why can't you answer the question above?

@Chad Jones well my answer may be a little late for you, since the sale has ended.  The balance of the purchase price, $140K in your example needs to be paid after the foreclosure is complete. You need to pay that in order to pick up your deed from the city.

@Ned Carey ok so I read the website and it said that the city collect the lien and high bid premium and the rest go to the owner. However the owner has died so where is the rest going? I just purchased my first lien so I am excited.

If you foreclose the balance of purchase goes to the owner as you said. If the owner is dead then the persons estate would get the money, or a bank or anyone else with a lien attached to the property can claim it.

In any case someone has to claim it and prove they have a legitimate claim. Often the money goes unclaimed.

How many liens did you win?

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