Anybody attend the Sacramento tax sale auction today?

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Just curious if anybody else attended the Sacramento County tax sale auction today?

Almost every property I was interest in - and planned to bid on - ended up being redeemed and removed from the auction list on the last day possible (Friday before the auction).  Figured most of them would be, but I still put a ton of time into researching them over the past week or so just in case they did stay on the list.  

I only ended up bidding on one property, but when it went (way) past the pre-determined max bid I set for myself, I let it go.  Definitely saw some other people get caught up in the auction environment and bid more than I would have ever bid on some of the properties. 

Interesting to watch it all nonetheless.

@Kyle J.  

 While I didn't attend, I was looking over the list the last few weeks.  I imagined there would be a pretty big attendence and didn't make any plans to attend.  Question for you though - how much time did you invest in researching?  Have ou bought at tax sales before with good results?  Do you plan on hitting any of the other county auctions?  I think some of the surrounding ones are being helding this or next week as well.

@Sean Moen  There was a very big attendance.  The whole room was full.  (I heard them say several times that they were going to start asking spectators to leave so the bidders could all have a seat, but I never saw them actually ask anyone to leave and don't think they did.)

I spent quite a bit of time researching properties.  Probably 30-40 hours for this auction, I'd guess.  This was my first time actually attending a tax auction, but I'll definitely be attending them again.  I'll be back to Sac's next year, and likely will go to the one in San Joaquin County too (though that won't be til November).

it's always crowed.  I'm always amazed at what people pay for a tax deed.  Last year I scooped 2 properties at the begin of the auction before people got comfortable.  This year there was not much to bid on.

Sorry for the wasted effort but...  thats how it goes.

Even though I didn't end up buying anything, I actually don't consider it a wasted effort. It was a good learning experience and I still may follow up on some of the properties that I researched but that never made it to the auction. I think there's still some potential opportunities with some of them. 

@kyler j. For tax sale auction, can I attend for free? Do I still have to register? I just want to observe and get experience on the process.

Originally posted by @Kin Lay :

@kyler j. For tax sale auction, can I attend for free? Do I still have to register? I just want to observe and get experience on the process.

You can attend for free. You only have to register if you intend on bidding on a property. You can't get a bidder's paddle unless you register, but anybody can go and watch. 

@Dennis Lanni  That's the trick buy one of the first few that pop up.  By middle to end peeps just have to buy something 

Were those improved props or bare land.  

Wow, this is an old thread,  i purchased a house & bare land at that auction.  Just FYI Sacramento is having a Re-auction this coming Friday for properties that were postponed from the standard Feb. auction.  Sacramento still holds a live auction format which is nice because your not bidding against someone online in Ney York. 

@Dennis Lanni  Congrats on scooping up 2 properties.  I actually found BP while doing tax deed sale research.  If you could give a newbie some info. on how you decided to bid on these 2 props. (completing the due diligence on the props. such as physically seeing the props., how and where to run title research, other liens and etc.)  Thank you in advance for your time and sharing your knowledge.

Much appreciated,


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