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I am hoping I am in the right forum for this. I have been waiting for two things, one for my older son to move up here from Mississippi and the second is for my credit score to go back up. Welp my son move up here with his family; Wife, daughter (wee I have a cute granddaughter, lol) and sister in law, that and counting my family (My wife and 13 year old son) is now a bit crowed here in my wee little 2 bedroom apartment.

For some reason my credit score dropped way down which I think I discussed it in another forum, but its now back up to over 580 (via TransUnion) which I am hoping is enough for a FHA Loan. My older son is going to help with the payments but what I am looking for is a Mortgage Broker who knows how to work miracles with FHA and a Real Estate Agent who can do HUD Homes here in Lakewood, Washington. I don't mind doing sweat equity nor does my son and his family, we just need MORE room it is crowded here lol.....

Once I get that settled I am looking (or should say still looking) to get back into Real Estate Investments, I am networking here in Lakewood and found a couple of Investors who can steer me in the right direction, found a couple of other newbies as well who are now here thanks to me referring them lol, and still listening to the Podcasts that I find concerning Real Estate Investing which I am learning alot, thanks Brad for the connections, but as I said above I was trying to fix my credit score,  but instead of going up it went down to a low score of 503, it finally went back up and I am hoping it still goes up, but as I said I am in desperate need of getting out of this apartment into something bigger. So I am looking for any kind of help, please and thank you for anyone steering me in the right direction.... :)

You can contact the credit unions.  I remember seeing once that one of them, at least, will give you one-on-one advice on how to improve your score for a fee.

You might want to talk to a bankruptcy attorney, too.  Initial consultation would be free.  I'm guessing that with a score that low, that you have some collections.  You might actually improve your score by filing a chapter 7 and starting fresh.

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