Cosigner for the VA Loan

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Hey everyone, I was just wondering if any of you knew if there could be a cosigner on the Va loan who wasn't a veteran. I'm trying to weigh the options but didn't know the answer to this one. Thanks in advance for any insight :)

Nope!  Recently tried to do this with my father as a co-signer.  Talked to the mortgage company and they checked it out, told me nope.  I didn't like that answer so I tried another mortgage company.  They also said nope.  And as far as I know it's not state dependent.

@Ross Ellington yes all the same requirements apply to the co borrower. But what I've found is that every lender is different and sometimes the interpret some va requirements differently. Find an experienced mortgage lender or broker who has closed a lot of VA loans and pick their brains on specific questions you have. That's what they're there for .

I knew a few brokers but they didn't do VA. I found a reputable mortgage broker who does va financing, I called the company and asked for their Most experienced loan officer. I've worked with him on 2 deals and am very happy.

Let me help you understand this. Unless you are active duty, retired or a veteran with a DD214 (honorable) you cannot get a VA loan. The same applies for co applicants. You cannot cosign a VA loan for someone else. You cannot buy investment property using a VA loan. You can only use a VA loan for your primary residence. I am retired Army. I am a realtor and a Certified Military Residential Specialist. Hope this clears things up for you.