Wichita Falls Texas Tax Deed Sheriff's Sale Questions

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I have an interest in two properties which I think are very desirable on Central Freeway in Wichita Falls Texas (account# 100283 and 100284).  The local school district plans to build a tech school in the area and so interest is keen.   I can see on the website called wichitatax dot com that these properties are being prepared for a sheriff's sale.  How long are properties advertised ?  How can I find out when the sale will take place ?

Generally speaking they are listed for at least 3 weeks, and auction takes place on 1st Tues of the month, so July 7th.  You may be able to find the listing on the county Sherrif's website, with the details of time/place of auction.  Cash (cashiers check) only and you want to research the properties to make sure there are no 'superior' liens like state or federal liens.  

@Marilyn Bayless

Welcome.  Texas law requires the tax sales to be held the first Tuesday of the month and that properties are advertised for sale at least 21 days before the auction.  Some properties take months to bring to the sale after judgment because the county must notify the owner of the sale.  Some counties make an extra effort to make that notice happen and it may take several tries before the reach an owner or decide the owner can not be reached.  It is important they get this right as owners have 2 years (regardless of the redemption period) to contest the validity of the sale.

Wichita county seems to be a good place to invest, especially since the drought has finally broken  There was real concern the area might run out of water. 

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Hello Marilyn Bayless and et al'

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Advertised Tax Sales

If you Google "Witchita County Texas Tax Sales" you should be able to find the link for Upcoming Tax Sales for Upcoming Tax Sales.  I will try to send you a PM with additional information.  I do not work for the company that advertises the sales---just passing along some helpful information for you---Much Success As You Invest!


Wow ! My sincere thanks to all the generous people who answered my request for information!  We just got back from Wichita Falls, Texas on Friday 7 Aug 15.  The temps were 100 degrees and over during the day.  It cooled down to 80 degrees at night.  The city is bursting with new businesses, restaurants and a positive attitude.  The drought is over.  They are trying hard to attract new commerce by offering incentives to motivate new businesses to move in and create more jobs.  We were very pleased with the progress we saw since our last visit five years ago.  Wichita Falls has a low cost of living and we think will make a very nice place to retire.  Housing is very affordable.  We can drive the whole town in 15 minutes --- no traffic jams like Denver !  A new Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage supplies organic groceries to the locals.  Gas was cheap at $2.27 for regular.  We found everything we need there.  Our only set-back was the inspection of our single family rental house.  There were signs of foundation problems --- cracks in the tile floor and some cracks in ceiling near the perimeter of the house.  We had a foundation person look at it and he said "looks like a possible small leak under the slab foundation".  I am looking for advice about what to do next.  Who is the best plumber in Wichita Falls who can detect and repair small slab leaks ?  What equipment or test is the best for finding tiny leaks ?  All advice is welcome.

there are many slab leak professionals. Lots of plumbers specialize in slab leaks. Google plumbers and read reviews to find one if you don't have a better source and when they come out, they can drop a line with a camera atttached down one of the vent stacks in roof and snake the line through the entire drainage system to determine if that's where the leaks are  vs. the supply lines. Lots of times, there are breaks in the sewer lines due to the drought when the land contracted due to dry soil. That could crack a line and/or cause foundation movement. The foundation movement itself could crack the line too. If it's an older home from the late 60's and prior, it could have cast iron sewer lines which tree roots can penetrate looking for water. The tree roots could even cause foundation movement. Some plumbers will run the camera for free if your going to use them to make the repairs. 

 Best of luck. 

Marilyn, I live in Wichita Falls and have encountered the problem you are talking about. Huge numbers of houses here have settled due to the drought and have caused foundation problems.  I used Brian's Plumbing...They will come out and do a pressure test by plugging up all the drains to see if they hold water. If so then your okay. After that you can address foundation issues.  My test was okay, but we did have to work on the foundation.

Ok, so I am back on the topic of Wichita County Texas Tax Deed Sales. What happens if a property is coming up for sheriff's sale and it is owned by a business that has not paid the Texas Franchise Tax for 10 years? The Texas Taxable Entity Search page says something like "entity has been forfeited for failure to pay franchise tax". What exactly does this mean ? Is the business dead and gone ? Who actually owns this property if it is a single member LLC ? Does this cause any problems in selling the property ?