Any motivated HUD agents out there in San Antonio ?

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I must have contacted about approx 10 agents who are registered with hudhomestore to bid on properties. Looks like no one wants to bid for investors any more ?

How do i find motivated agents who could bid @ hudhomestore? 

It's possible you may be pitching yourself the wrong way as an investor. Submitting a bid at hudhomestore is just as easy as typing a few replies or emails. Check out my profile and send me an email or even call me and I can explain how you can get some easy help. If you don't have proof of funds that's a whole different story and I can't help you yet. You also need the $500-$1000 ready for a deposit. There is something to be said if you have all these things ready and want to make low offers on everything listed. Something will work out if you play the volume bidding game.

Are there any HUD registered agents in the San Antonio, TX area who can bid for me? Feel free to email me offline.

In the very recent past I have bid on a few. I bid several thousand over the asking price. Did not get any.  Prices are going way higher than asking. People are bidding about 80-90% of retail price. They are usually in need of some work. Which makes them WAY over priced. If I was an agent, I would probably not want to bid on any for a buyer unless he was crazy and willing to pay almost retail and still have to put in 20% of the price for repairs. 

That is just what I have seen over here lately. 

no wonder why the broker was so mad at me for asking him to bid at 75% of listing price. 

Thanks for the heads up. Things make more sense now 

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