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Hello Guys, I am new to your site, but in need of help, i am looking for training in Tax Liens and all that i have found is US Tax Liens Association.  Has anyone heard of them, bought thier program, or know anyone who has. Wanting to pull the trigger and learn but don't want to get caught up in a scam.   Thank you and please contact me asap,  MJ

Yes I have. They teach what you can find out for yourself and they want $1,500. In NY state I can't use Tax Liens to buy Tax certificates because only NYC issues them The rest of the state does not. I'm moving to Virginia and they too don't have tax certificates and they auction tax sales starting at the assessed value of the property which is at 100%. Hard to make any money that way, very few bargains. 

For you to save money you can just due deligence to find out for your self what your state does when a home owner doesn't pay thier property taxes. You could end up using your own money to buy tax certificates and then wait out the period when it comes time for the city to conduct a delinquent tax sale. Or contact US tax lien association and pay thier price for thier course.

I swear a lot of these so called real estate gurus are making money on lazy people that don't want to spend the time to teach themselves. This site is a great place to learn and it cost so little to get started. My opinion. Thanks

Also, go to E bay, you can find course material for tax liens under $50.00. I purchase 2 that I found, it was helpful but stuff I already knew. 

thank you mike for sharing that info. i began my real estate journey trying to invest in tax liens in NY to find out the same thing you did. I am located in Virginia now. 

I went to the free seminar and then I did drop the $1,500 for their 3 day workshop which did provide some info and little did I know until the workshop was over that I was sitting next to and chatting with Monte, the mentor of the speaker...

Basically the 3 day workshop is spent 30% of the time trying to sell you a $35k-$50k membership... and I'm sure if you sign up for that, there will be even more expensive memberships to spend your money.

So did I get my $1.5k money's worth...? I'd say yes... Thursday I bought 4 tax deeds that yields 1% interest per month or 12% interest per annum. I want the properties and the high interest is merely icing on the cake for me. It was a live auction and I paid the minimum bids on all of them. One that I did not win was overbid which I bid $21k and they bid $25k and I let them have it... It is a large mixed use historical property and I can't imagine the owners would let it go for the price of the past due taxes as it is about a 30k s.f. building. There is a one year redemption period and if it looks like they won't redeem, I'd contact the owners and offer them $5k to quit claim the property to me and I'd redeem. 

The state housing authority wants to renovate the building so I'd partner with them as it will cost millions to renovate...

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