Looking to buy Tax liens in Texas. Best way to do?

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I realize this thread is old, however lots of tools have become available for investors to now better research and purchase tax sale lien properties in Texas. These tools can help you find, navigate, research, and purchase (pre-auction or at auction). You are welcome to message me, if interested to know more also I'm planning to hold a webinar if enough folks are interested.

In most cases you probably need to attend the auction in person, bid and pay.  

Struck off is an option if you can't attend in person, but for the most part the stuck offs are not interesting.

Hi all,

I am fairly new to this process, but know someone who is an extended associate who is back on taxes. I am interested in purchasing the tax deed on the home. I have a few questions I would greatly appreciate answers on. 

1. If the person has just been served for back taxes, how long does it take to get to the auction?

2. The home is paid for and is only not paid taxes. Does this guarantee it will go to tax deed sales instead of foreclosure?


im plan to attend the sheriff auction and are they only for residential or commercial as well. 

I have found a commercial property for auction and its zoned for Commercial but the tax assessor show it has a homestead exception on it ..so im confused. 

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