Finding the Owner of tax delinquent home

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I recently found a house in my neighborhood "driving for dollars." Yard over grown, it's close enough I can keep an eye on it and I haven't seen a car there in the past few months.

My county has pretty immaculate online records if you know where to look. 

I find out the property was purchased for $8,000 (late 80's early 90's, I forget) due to have been paid off in 2004. It was deeded over to the owners two unmarried sons before the father died. One of the sons died in 2012 leaving only one. The public record states the taxable address is the same house, but I really don't think anyone is living there. The living son is in his 70's, I know his name and can't find any record of his death so I'm assuming he is still around, however someone stopped paying taxes on the home in 2010 (before the first sons death) and it's 6 years delinquent, totaling ~$9000 in back taxes. 

I'm going to send a letter to see if someone is checking, or if it's being forwarded elsewhere, but does anyone know of a way to find contact info outside of public records? LinkedIn/Facebook/etc are no goes- this guy is too old to be into that apparently. 

@Evan Kline

In this instance I would do the following.  Send the letter as you mentioned but also knock on the door and leave a note with your contract information.  I would also speak with the neighbors.  You will be surprised how much information the neighbors will give you. 

Lastly, due to the complexity of this situation, I would probably skip trace the property owners.  For about 2 dollars you will get their names, friends names, phone numbers, work numbers, tax history, loan history, property liens, mailing addresses, etc.  It is a wealth of information that will help you track down the owner or someone who can put you in contact with the right people.    

How do you skip trace?

What services do you use to skiptrace for 2 dollars

Yes. I'd like to know too.

they probably meant something like , they will give you a report for $2...but the info they provide has been highly inaccurate from my experience. I've seen someone recommend , maybe try that out? def not cheap though.

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