Buying a VA Foreclosure

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There's a VA foreclosure that just came on the market recently. I am having trouble finding a lot of information on the process online, but my big question is "who" can by it? I'm specifically asking if I can buy through an entity or does it have be as an individual?

Also, can anyone provide any insight into the asking price? I'm not sure how much opportunity there is to buy at price lower than asking and don't want to risk losing out on this opportunity either.

Hello Lee, I just purchased a VA a couple months ago here in Ky and just went through a realtor. The VA isn't the easiest to deal with but there is some wiggle room usually in that price regardless of what the agent says. If I was you do some research and offer what you feel is right, their was several people offering on the one I purchased some people where just low balling way to far. Good Luck!!

I purchased as an Individual, not sure if you can as an entity.

Thanks @Jarrod Cavinder . The house ended up under contract almost immediately, but has at least provided a learning experience about VA foreclosures and a new connection with an experienced realtor. I appreciate the response and input you were able to provide.

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