Illinois tax lien certificate and Lis Pendens

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I'm trying to acquire two adjoining parcels in illinois - rural industrial unimproved land.   I'm not looking to make money, im interested in the properties for my own personnel use.  Both properties appear to have gone through tax lien sales twice since around 2013.

The first one, was available for sealed bid action - I'm awaiting to hear if I won the bid. So haven't done a title search yet, since I believe I have 30 days if I win. 

The second parcel had a tax lien certificate available for purchase.  This one is a bit tricker.  I confirmed certificate for 2014/2015 years is still available for purchase.  I did title search and discovered someone, in the past month, registered a Lis Penden foreclosure against previous property owners and I believe past  tax lien certificate owners.  

My question is, does it make to jyst contact person currently taking action on property or should I purchase tax lien first?  I was thinking they had to keep up with taxes or they lose their claim from previous tax lien purchase?

IL tax liens are a priority lien versus other liens. If the LP is for a mortgage foreclosure, the tax lien has priority. If the LP is for an earlier tax sale, the tax sale has priority over the later tax lien you would be buying, but that doesn't mean they would necessarily proceed on that tax lien. They may seek a sale in error refund or just let it die. 

thanks. I'm giving to wait to see if I got the property from the sealed bid sale. If I did then I'll try to contact individual that had current LP in progress for adjoining lot to see what his intentions/ goals are. Plus access to that other lot goes through a gate on the lot I bid on, so will probably need to touch base with other lot owner other at some point (again, if my bid succeeds).

@Emmett R. McCarthy This raises a clarifying question that's in a similar vein.  When a property goes to tax sale in Illinois.  Does that mean that the 2-2.5 years start from the time of the first sale, or is that set from the time of each tax sale.  So, in the case an owner keeps not paying taxes each year on a property.  

2.5 years (depending what kind of property it is might be 6 months) start from the time of the sale. that date is on your cert of sale. also, some municipal liens take priority over tax deed e.g. city of chicago receiver lien will not be wiped off the title once you get the tax deed.  

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