How/Where do I go to an Auction?

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My investing partner and I are looking to attend a RE auction to find great deals on multifamily properties in MA and NH. Any advice on how to go about doing this/where to start?

You live in Massachusetts, and Massachusetts is a strange place for foreclosure auctions, with rather a idiosyncratic legal structure for getting things done. This is not necessarily a bad thing for you. However, you also live in Worcester County, which further complicates things. According to Wikipedia, there is NO actual county government, which would ordinarily be the first place to start. Again, this might end up not being a bad thing for you -- it stands to reason that the higher the bar to entry, the fewer players there are.

What I would do is call a lawyer in your area who loudly and proudly announced on his website that he deals with foreclosures and ask him where you should start learning about the foreclosure process in Worcester County.

New Hampshire's even more interesting. Please take a look at this site:

@Justin Jolliffe I've attended a number of auctions in the past so I'm pretty familiar with the process. There are a few websites you can check out to find out where and when auctions are taking place. In Mass, auctions are held at the actual property on the given date/time, rather than the courthouse steps.

Feel free to reach out directly and I can send you some of the websites I use to track auctions.