Judicial sale in Blair County PA

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I am an out of state investor looking to attend the Blake county judicial sale this June. I have the list but I am having a real hard time finding the assessors information on line. Has anyone attended this sale and will have more insight on how to research what these properties are? When I called the assesment office I was told to bring the list to the county and look them up there.

Thank you for all and any help


oops I meant to say Blair not Blake

Doesn't seem to be online, so an in-person visit will have to be made by or somebody going there on your behalf.

BTW - here are the links I did find:





Thank you Steve,
I have been to all the sites you provided but neither has a description of what the real estate is. I guess I will have to go in person ....thank you again


It is true that you may have to go there as I have also researched most of the counties there and found that the all of the Counties do not have the Assessment data online.

This is a long shot, but it MAY HELP: If you have the property addresses, goto googlemaps.com and plug in the address and see if there is anything that may help you. Yo may get, at least, a visual in some cases.

Also, just plug in the address on google. If the property was ever listed For Sale, the old listing may still be viewable. If they are vacant lots; however, that were never assigned property addresses, you can only try to find out if a nearby address to determine its' general location and potential land value.

Finally, if you actually attend the Sale in June, let us know how it went, and what you thought of the experience. Some of us may be interested in knowing---at least I would.

Hope this helps you! Much Success As You Invest,

Hi G.D.

I just wanted to give you a little summary of how the tax sale auction/experience went. Me and two other people ended up going to the Westmoreland county tax sale held on June 9th. There were about 100 people or so in the room. Not much was sold but what was sold was for more than what I wanted to pay. For example there was a 2 family that I had my eye on. The beginning bid was about 2K, and it got bid up till 7K. I am not sure I was willing to go that high since there was a concrete problem with the front steps that could cost a hefty penny, but then again what do I know. One of the things that I did notice is the area was depressed and there was not much in terms of jobs to keep young people around or even maintain a reasonable life style. I learned a lot on this trip. May be I will eventually buy something.



Hello Nikki,

Just wanted to say thanks for your response. Glad to know that you learned a lot on the trip. Well, let me know if you eventually made a buy yet---and how things are going for you.

Remember: There are many great deals out here and I hope you are keeping yourself informed.

As Always, Much Success As You Invest!

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