Could too many inspections kill deal?

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Hey BP,

My first duplex is under contract and will be financing using a VA home loan. I have a whole home inspection scheduled that will include visual mold, and radon inspections as well. The seller is paying for termite inspection. My original intent was to get plumbing, electrical, roof, and HVAC inspections in addition to whatever else the whole home inspector recommended for my own piece of mind.

Well, I was urged by a local investor to take caution and only get follow up inspections if red flags showed up in the general inspection report. He said by getting as many inspections as I can, combined with the pressure from VA loan that, I could be killing the deal.

How have some of the more seasoned investors handled more inspections than needed on the buyer side as well as on the seller side of the equation of VA or FHA loan?

The general home inspection will cover the plumbing, electrical HVAC and roof.  Sometime they dont actually get on the roof, but they do what they can and will let you know if there is a reason to get a more detailed inspection of the roof.  If something is not right, the inspector will suggest an expert go. 

For example if he sees what could be mold, he will tell you go get a pro to test it.  

@Christine Kankowski I was going to have specialist look at the plumbing, roof, HVAC, and electrical regardless of what the home inspector regardless. This is my first purchase and I'd just like to have the piece of mind. 

For example if the home inspector says to have at the roof looked at with everything else being fine as is. I would want to have a pro look at the roof, but still the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Have you had buyers do that before? Or have you been the listing agent in a similar scenario? 

Your inspector IS a specialist in all of these systems.  It's why they are licensed and insured and have to take periodic education.  If you don't trust your inspector, then find one you do trust, but you're going WAY overboard with this not just with expense, but with annoying the crap out of your seller.  

My inspector gets on the roof and pokes at everything up there, tests the electrical from outlets and switches to the panel, tests the plumbing from the fixtures to the water heater to the incoming valves and conducts a full hvac inspection together with pictures of everything.

There is nothing a "specialist" can do that your inspector can't do.  It's not like anybody is going to start opening up drywall to check on hidden electrical and plumbing.

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