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Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone here has had success reaching out to occupants of a home that you have the tax lien certificate tittle? I'm wondering the best approach to take possession of the property. If you can share any letters or correspondence you use to notify the occupants would be greatly appreciated. This is all new to me and I'm not sure where to go from here.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Go talk to them.  Smile and be friendly.  They may have no clue that you are the new owner or represent the owner.  

Might depend on what you want to do with the property.  Do you want them to stay and pay rent or to vacate?   If you want them to vacate, then you need to decide how you want that done.  Do you want to pay them to leave the place and clean up before they go?  That might be worth $200-$1000.

@Syrica Brown we post a 'notice to vacate" on the door . In it we say if we do not hear from anyone in 5 days we will assume the property is vacant and change the locks.  We give our phone number to call.  This IS NOT  a legal notice, Its purpose is simply to get the occupant to call, so we have contact info.

If we later go to court to get them out we can say that they have been asked to leave based on this notice. 

Now I am not an attorney and the above was not suggested or approved by an attorney, but it works for us. I am in MD and foreclose on tax liens. MD does not sell tax deeds. 

Once we get a hold of them we do as @Bruce Lynn suggests. Just be honest open and friendly. We tell people we are always willing to work with them when possible. We say that honestly but know that it won't work out 70% of the time.

1st time occupant/squatter refused to leave. Served notice to vacate and filed for eviction 6 months later. Judge granted eviction.

2nd time occupant (owners son) said he was gonna pay. His sister called me and informed me that they changed their mind on paying that she was putting her brother in a home & we could have the house.  We have not entered the home yet because we are afraid of the filth.  No utilities for over 5 years.......we are very afraid.

3rd time.....lets say I am now sleeping with my gun under my pillow.

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