Tax Deed Auction / Riverside County, Ca

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So the online auction for the County of Riverside (my home area) starts in about a month.

Im new to Real Estate investing, and have not purchased a property yet, but this seems like an opportunity to get started.  Im looking for someone who is familiar with Tax deed auctions, especially in this area or at least California.  The list that the County provides is so long and difficult to read.  I literally have to enter each auction ID into the sites search bar, to find the address of the property and more details.  Is there an easier way to find properties on this list?  I mean the list is like 70 pages long. Here is a screenshot of part of the list:

Now I understand that I need to research the property, like doing a lien search, drive by of the property to get an idea of its condition, etc.  But is there a more simple way to go about this?  

Any tips would be appreciated.  Bottom line is I want to get this capital working for me.

Thanks BP!

Unfortunately our county sucks when it comes to the ease of use and the treasurer website, the website is very much not user friendly.  A lot of these properties will be vacant land in the desert, most will not be worth the time.  Also keep in mind that these are final sales that you don't get to see much of before purchase.  A good title company will be your best bet for liens.

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