HUD home - what should I have bid?

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This is my first official post. I am a first time home buyer and was looking at buying a HUD home. This was a very nice home built in 1987, 2 story, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathroom, attached garage, pool and hot tub, wood floors, recently remodeled kitchen, and on a half acre lot. Very nice. HUD has it listed for $232k and the county had it appraised at $285. I bid $255k. First, do y’all think I over bid? Home was inspected and it came back that I might need a new roof (due to hail damage, and a entire new HVAC system (original with the home, over 30 years old). Roof $8k and HVAC $6k. Total of $12k just to move into the home. That doesn’t include the 20% down $51k + closing cost. I would be looking at $68k just to move in, ouch! So, I killed the contract. What would y’all have done?

No one can answer that question for you unless they are familiar with the property. How much is it worth?

-The property willl come back on the market unless there was an acceptable backup bidder. If it does then bid again at a lower price. The minimum acceptable bid is an 87% net to HUD of the list price

-Never use the appraised value by the county as the number is worthless. Have your agent give you some comps in the area