Who’s going to Harris County Tax Sale tomorrow ?

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Anyone wants to learn and go to Harris County Tax live auction tomorrow - July 3rd? It’s fun to see the crowd and learn the Tax foreclosure process. DM me and we can meet prior to auction or if you need any details. Once you learn the process, you’ll be able to pickup properties on your own in future.

Yes I did go to the auction and was able to pickup 2 properties, the deeds will be mailed in couple of weeks.
It was a great opportunity - more than 400 properties and less crowd/competitors (July 4th week, ppl took days off)

I’m a little late to the party here. I live in Seabrook and am just getting started. I was thinking about attending the Galveston county auction in about a week. Anyone going? I’d just be going to watch and take it in. We are in the final stages of closing in a rental property in Galveston for our very first deal. Pretty standard safe stuff with not nearly as much upside l, but hopefully less downside too. Going to take a few months and learn what it is is like to be a landlord before we do anything else, but I would like to look for a better deal. 

Anyway, if anyone is attending the Galveston one, let me know. We could grab some beers afterwards.